Elaboración del Polus Reserva


With the end of the harvest comes the beginning of the elaboration and the musts have already begun to ferment. Usually the wines are fermented inside stainless steel tanks, except for some of special elaboration as the one we are going to mention today. In this case, the elaboration of the Polus Reserva is done inside 5.000L French oak vats.


De la viña a la tina

“Every year, the grapes of our oldest vines wait nervously to be harvested in order to make the fermentation inside the vats”.

Each year, we pick the small bunches provided by our older vineyards of 70 to 80 years. These are vineyards formed by vines rooted in poor soil where roots and stone coexist, providing a yield of 4,200 kg/Ha.

For these delicate clusters we have chosen 5,000 liter French oak vats where we will carry out the fermentation. We have decided to do it directly in wood so that the symbiosis, or assembly, between grape and wood takes place from the beginning. In this way, the wood is part of the personality of this Polus Reserva from the beginning.



“During the process, the skins have the mania to float over the must, and we have to punch them in order to mix them so that the must can extract its color and aromas”.

After filling the vats, two layers are formed. The first, a lower one containing the must rich in sugars and with little color in the first days. The second one, at the top, where the skins are floating forming a compact layer called “sombrero”.

To obtain a good wine, it is necessary to mix both layers so that the skins are moistened. In this way, the must, while fermenting, captures aromas from the skins and darkens in contact with the skin pigments. This maneuver is carried out by repeatedly dipping a puncher that gently breaks the cap, mixing both layers during the days that the fermentation lasts.


Prensado suave

“When the fermentation is over, we take out the wine and press the skins to release the wine they have trapped inside”

When the grapes have finished fermenting and the wine has an intense color, it is time to separate the wine from the pips and skins.

To do this, the lower tap of the vat is used to decant or remove the wine from the interior due to its weight.

After thiat, we open the door where we take out the solid parts with the help of a fork or sackcloth. These skins are taken to the press, where with a gentle pressure, it finishes extracting the wine they contain.


Elaboración del Polus Reserva

“Then the wine waits patiently for 11 months in the vat, 18 months more in the barrel and finally another 18 months in the bottle until it becomes Polus Reserva

We already have the freshly finished wine. A powerful wine, untamed, that returns to the vat where for 11 months it begins to show its personality, evolving slowly and softening its edges.

Later it will fill the French oak barrels for 18 months, where the wood provides structure, tannins, and fine aromas of spice, tobacco, chocolate, mint…

Finally, another 18 months in the bottle achieve the magic of softening the structure and power, rounding and assembling its shades, achieving that harmony that characterizes it.

The next vintage has already begun to mature in the vats of Bodegas Loli Casado. Meanwhile, we can only invite you to enjoy this Polus Reserva at your favorite time of day.

Jesús and Loli