About us


“Loli is tireless and committed to the maximum in everything she does. She is always coming up with new plans for the winery and thinking of alternative methods to innovate. She loves to take care of everything she does in detail, so that both customers and friends feel special and loved, as if they were in her own home. She is a cheerful, determined person who always looks to the future. I’m glad to share her day to day life.”- Jesús


“Jesús is a conscientious worker and a lover of the winery and the vineyard, who whenever he has a free moment he tries to escape to the vineyard. Just as my father did, he is always looking after the vineyard and the surrounding environment. He is a handyman who always finds an ingenious solution to any problem he encounters. He is a person you can always count on and that is what I like most about him.” – Loli


To talk about Bodegas Loli Casado is to talk about a philosophy of life that, without knowing it, was created by my grandfather, and that, adapting to modern times, is still alive and engages you: respect for the work, defense of the environment and vision of the future.

In 2000, the year my parents retired, is when our part of the story of this family tradition began. At that time we took over the winery, and with it we also inherited the love for our land and wine, along with the know-how of our ancestors.

We are in love with our work in the winery and the vineyard, always respectful with the environment, from which our wines come from; wines with charm, with sympathy, sweet and pleasant to the palate, which results in wines with a unique personality and of which we are proud.

We feel the responsibility to improve what we have inherited and continue to reflect it in our wines for the enjoyment of all our customers and friends, and thus, to spread a way of feeling and living this land, Rioja Alavesa, where wine is culture. – Loli