The first buildings were built in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, known as guardaviñas or chozos (huts), which were built with the same stones obtained from the plowing of the land. This type of stone was used to make these igloo-shaped constructions, which had doors facing south and where a maximum of 6 people could enter.

These constructions had thick walls and did not have any kind of mass to support these walls, stones of different sizes were simply piled up in order to fit together. In addition, the upper area used to have certain openings in order to let the smoke out in case of making a fire inside.

But why were these constructions so important? At that time, the farmer used to go by donkey or on foot to the vineyard, to spend the whole day working there, taking food and drink for the day. Therefore, in case a storm could surprise them at a given moment, they needed these shelters. In addition, during the summer, due to these thick walls that they had, their interior used to harbor a certain coolness, in which, in addition, they would pass certain refreshing breezes.

Now, you may be wondering how all this is related to sustainability. From Bodegas Loli Casado, we believe that it is necessary to preserve what we have inherited, and after several attempts, we have managed to rebuild our Chozo after it collapsed a few decades ago due to the storm.

We also believe that the magic of the Chozo and its landscape is something we should share with our friends and customers, and that is why we have rebuilt it in such a way that, while respecting its structure, location and even more than half of the original construction, we have created a semi-open space with a table and benches at the top of one of our vineyards, where you can enjoy the views and a pleasant lunch accompanied by our wines.

Therefore, we invite you to take a look at our website and discover a little more about the Chozo, and, in case you have a free weekend, especially in autumn, when the leaves of the vines begin to obtain golden or coppery tones, do not hesitate to contact us to enjoy a unique and unforgettable experience.

That said, here ends this article on sustainability in the chozo, next week we will talk about one of the current trendy wines, vegan wines. If you enjoyed this article, we invite you to stop by our YouTube channel, where every Saturday we upload a video dealing with the same topic as here in greater depth. The video related to this article will be released this Saturday.