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vendimia tardía

The year is coming to an end, but that does not mean that the work in the vineyard has finished. At Bodegas Loli Casado we like to take advantage of the cold winter to produce one of our most special wines: Polus Vendimia Tardía. Stay with us and we will tell you all the secrets that make this wine unique.

In September we leave a plot of our oldest vineyard, located in the area of “La Llana”, unharvested. In this way, during the months of October through December, the clusters begin a natural process of raisining. In addition to this, the snowfalls that we usually have in our area at the end of the year contribute to improve the raisining process due to the cold.

Between the end of December and the beginning of January, the grapes reach the desired sugar concentration point and the harvest begins. In this case, since there are so few grapes, the harvest does not last more than one morning.

Once we return to the winery, we will start gently pressing the clusters, and in this way we will obtain a very concentrated must, which will fill the atmosphere with aromas such as honey, raisins and nuts. From this point on, a slow fermentation of a semi-sweet wine of the Viura variety will begin, which will awaken our senses and which fits perfectly both with starters and as a dessert of a pleasant meal.

That said, here ends this article on the elaboration of Polus Late Harvest. If you enjoyed this article, we invite you to stop by our YouTube channel, where every Saturday we upload a video dealing with the same topic as here in greater depth. The video related to this article will be released this Saturday.

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