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olive tree pruning

Many of us enjoy a good extra virgin olive oil with our breakfasts, lunches… But not all of us know what needs to be done for the olive tree to produce good olives. In this article we will try to shed a little more light on the necessary care to be carried out throughout February in order to grow a healthy olive.

The olive tree is a tree that requires little care throughout the year, however, this month’s task will be one of the main ones to perform. Being an evergreen tree, its annual growth is not very developed, so the olive tree is a very long-lived tree and will grow slowly throughout its life.

As far as pruning is concerned, we will focus mainly on removing new shoots on the trunk and branches, which do not have a productive function. Then we will thin out branches, mainly in the second year, with the aim of maintaining the shape and bearing of the olive tree, while facilitating air circulation and sun penetration.

All this work will contribute to improve the health and vigor of the tree, making it ready for the next harvest.

That said, here ends this article on olive tree care in the month of February.

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