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variedades uva galicia

In this article we will continue with the explanation of the different varieties that can be found throughout the national territory. In today’s article we will focus on Galician grapes.

In this case, we will start with white grapes, since they are currently the most outstanding in this region. First of all, we have the well-known Albariño, the most cultivated white grape variety in Galicia. This usually comes in small bunches which have a great capacity to produce sugars. At the same time, its wines usually achieve a balance between acidity and flavors. On the other hand, we have Treixadura, the second most popular white grape in the region. It is a grape with a late growth and maturation which produces very aromatic, balanced wines with certain floral and fruity notes. To conclude with the white varieties, we can find the Godello. This is the least common variety among those mentioned, and is characterized by the color it transmits to its wines, golden-yellow, as well as by its good level of acidity and a solid structure and fullness in the mouth.

Turning to the red varieties, in the first place, we can find Mencia, the most popular red variety in Galicia. This variety is usually used for single-varietal, fine and elegant wines. It is also used in young aromatic wines with a pleasant mouthfeel. On the other hand, we can find Sousón, the second most popular grape in the region. Its grapes can produce wines with high alcohol content and good acidity. In this variety it is worth mentioning its notorious aromas of black fruits and certain floral nuances. Finally, it is necessary to talk about Caíño Tinto, a variety native to Galicia and also cultivated in the north of Portugal. Its grapes are usually used in the production of young single-varietal wines or as a blend with other varieties. It is a variety that does not stand out for its complex structure, but with intense fresh fruity and floral aromas.

That said, here ends this article focused on the different grape varieties that can be found in the region of Galicia.

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