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As we all know Christmas is just around the corner, and therefore, from Bodegas Loli Casado we want to recommend our top 3 best wines to make these dates as special as possible. We invite you to join us in this article so you can find the wine you need this Christmas.

First of all, we believe that the most sensible thing to do would be to start with a classic and traditional wine. This is the Jaun de Alzate Gran Reserva. A wine that remains in its barrel for 30 months, patiently maturing and then spending 36 months in the bottle, polishing its flavor and reaching its final elegance. The result? A subtle, fine, complex wine, but at the same time lively and expressive.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a more modern wine, we would like to propose the Polus Reserva 2014. This 100% Tempranillo wine, which comes from vines over 75 years old, has a special elaboration, and that is that, from its birth until it is moved to barrel, it spends about a year in 5,000 L vats maturing and developing, and then spend 18 months in barrel and 18 more in bottle. This is how it obtains its fine tannins, vanilla and smoked aromas… Given its elaboration, it is not surprising that it is a limited production wine.

Finally, if you are looking for a signature wine with a completely different character, we recommend our Polus Tempranillo 2018. This is a wine with its own personality, which requires a lot of attention, both in its production and in the tasting. This is due to the methodology used in its maturation, which manages to provide it with unique characteristics that could not be obtained in any other way. Like the Polus Reserva, the Polus Tempranillo is born in contact with wood, but in its case, in 225 L French oak barrels. This is why this wine acquires its unique flavor, intensity and personality.

So far our top 3 wines for Christmas, now it is up to you to decide which of them you want to be surprised with. Do you want to try them?

That said, here ends this article of wine recommendations for Christmas, next week we will talk about the history of wine in the Middle Ages. If you enjoyed this article, we invite you to visit our YouTube channel, where every Saturday we upload a video dealing with the same topic as here in greater depth. The video related to this article will be released this Saturday.