Logo Aceite de oliva virgen extra arróniz

The olive tree is one of those stately trees that adorn our landscape next to the vineyard. Arroniz is the variety of olive tree acclimatized hundreds of years ago to our growing area. We are fortunate to have centenary olive trees sharing habitat with our vineyards from which we collect the olives with which we elaborate our Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

The manual harvesting at the optimum moment of ripening together with its transport during the same day for its cold pressing allows us to obtain an intense oil with a high fruitiness and a good balance between bitterness and spiciness.

Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra Arróniz


An intense olive oil whose flavor will surprise those who taste it suggesting aromas of the garden: tomato, freshly cut grass… Perfect to enhance salads and vegetables, or to give life to a toasted loaf of bread.

  • Variety: Arróniz 100%.
  • Capacity: 500ml.