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curiosidades mundo vino 2

A few weeks ago we had the opportunity to start talking about a series of macroeconomic data about the world of wine. In today’s article, we will continue with this and we will address four other facts or curiosities that you probably did not know about the wine world.

You may remember that a few weeks ago we talked about how more than 70% of wineries export our wines internationally. Well, today, we are considered the second largest exporter in the world in terms of volume, behind Italy, which overtook us a few years ago. At the same time, we are considered the 3rd exporters in terms of monetary value, with more than 2,600 million euros exported last year 2020.

In addition, we can mention that 3 out of every 5 bottles marketed in the world come from the European Union, and that Spain is responsible for 25% of European wine production. This implies that 15% of the bottles marketed in the world come from Spain.

Finally, it is worth mentioning once again the economic impact of the wine industry, since it generates employment not only in the field or in the winery, but also in other sectors such as the hotel and catering industry, tourism, auxiliary industry, etc. Generating and maintaining almost 430,000 jobs nationwide.

That said, here ends this introductory article to the history of wine, next week we will talk about our Christmas nativity scene themed in our region. If you enjoyed this article, we invite you to stop by our YouTube channel, where every Saturday we upload a video dealing with the same topic as here in greater depth. The video related to this article will be released this Saturday.

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