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Polus Tempranillo 2011Tasting note

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Bodegas :Loli Casado
D.O.Ca. Rioja.
   Rioja Alavesa

Type of wine:Red wine autor  

 Vineyard :  Finca “ La Llana"

  Age of vines:  80 years old.

Grapes varieties:   Tempranillo


Harvesting: The carefully selected grapes are picked by hand.

 September 27, 2011 . Bottling September, 2012.

  •  Fermentation: The alcoholic fermentation occurs in new oak casks that are  left open, i.e. with the tops off, during a period of two weeks. The tops are then put on the casks in preparation for the malolactic fermentation on the fine lees, with daily batonnage stirring. The wine is then left on the lees for a further 2 months, and during this time it is again stirred every so often using the batonnage method. alt
  • Crianza : 12months in the cask French oak.
  • ClosureNatural cork ( 24 x 49 mm )
  • Recommended serving temperatura : 18 ºC

Tasting Notes:  

Colour: A deep cherry red with violet hues.

• Aromas: Powerful bouquet of ripe dark fruits, along with liquorice and balsamic aromas, and toasted notes from the cask.

• Flavour: This wine is extremely flavourful, with good body, and is full of fruit. It is well balanced with a slightly sweet touch.

Winemarker´s comments:    The idea behind this wine is that the grapes go directly from the vine into oak casks, and then from here directly into the bottle. This makes for a surprisingly different wine where the ripe fruity flavours go particularly well with the flavours and aromas derived from the fine oak, resulting in a complex balance of smoky and toasted hints, in harmony with the fruity aromas and flavous of the Tempranillo grape type.





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